Friday, 27 October 2017, a new philosophy of upcycling life brings to you a unique online boutique experience where the fashion should also be unique and distinct. Given the fact that every individual is distinct in his/her character, believes that everybody deserves special attention in look and style. The store offers exclusive single piece or limited edition Indo-Western wear and accessories for women to provide the buyer a sense of individuality.

Sujata Chatterjee gives an overview of the undertaking as she guides through the official website. In the process, she highlights two of the most salient aspects of the Firstly, they have a particular Buy-back policy, which works in multiple ways. It enables the buyer to revamp her wardrobe. Furthermore, buyers can sell the clothes, which they no longer would like to wear or repeat, directly to These clothes can be donated to those in need. Or, they can also upscale the fabric in order to manufacture new products, thus helping the environment through recycling.

Eminent classical singer Kaushiki Chakraborty who cut the ribbon, stresses upon the significance of feeling good besides looking good when it comes to fashion. She finds it extremely important to be philanthropic and generous as she shares a personal experience from a few years back. She concludes by asking everyone to be more responsible towards the less privileged and also officially inaugurates the Twirl Box dropping her own old clothes in it.

Singer-songwriter, actor, journalist Amanda Sodhi sheds light upon the social stigma surrounding the practice of wearing used or borrowed clothes, while it's quite a common thing in a lot of other countries. She commends the for their work, which she considers to be important both in social as well as environmental terms, combatting a prevalent mental block as well as trying to put a stop on wastage.

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